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Why WFPPS Service IT

WFPPS Service IT (​Wire Fiber Phones Programs Security Service) is one of New England's premier Communications Service Provider, Technology Certification delivery partner. Led by Glenroy Williams Jr., who champions vendor-neutral technology solutions. Williams, an ISO13485 Certified Internal Auditor, excels in technology modernization, security, and resilience. Leveraging vast experience in quality data systems, he collaborates with global tech leaders to provide superior service and top-notch products, enhancing processes and fortifying secure environments. Our commitment to strategic alliances with premier global providers in storage, applications, data security, certifications, equipment, service, website development, and financing options is aimed at elevating your business and IT projects. These partnerships are meticulously curated to add unparalleled value, ensuring access to cutting-edge technology, fortified security measures, certified standards, top-tier equipment, seamless services, robust website development, and flexible financing solutions. This collaborative approach empowers your business with enhanced capabilities, enabling growth, efficiency, and innovation at every step.

Requesting a quote is easy and there is never a charge. A quote may require a visit to your location to complete a site survey prior to delivering the quote. One other option is to request time on-site if you have already assessed the situation and just need smart hands. We have a flat and hourly billing rates that allows you to manage cost prior to engagement. Requesting a quote for service can be done online or on the phone. 

Vendor Agnostic IT Services Massachusetts Companies Have Relied on for over 8 Years

WFPPS Service IT takes enterprise solutions and makes them work on a small business budget! Our service team responds quickly and follows up until every issue is resolved. Our team of experts can accelerate your tech goals, improve business performance, and become a trusted extension of your IT department. For the past 8 years we have provided:

  2. Backup and Restore 
  3. Audio Video Install and Configuration 
  4. WiFi Direct and Customer WiFi
  5. POTs, SIP, PRI and VoIP
  6. HD Duplication and Reimaging 
  7. Rapid response times from expert techs
  8. Custom Network Management
  9. Over the phone troubleshooting
  10. Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Consulting Made Easy

1. Initial Consult and Discovery

WFPPS Service IT starts with a meeting and thorough discovery process, including a full review of your network, servers, cloud, and backup systems. Just as importantly, we also learn as much as we can about your business goals, problems, and how our IT services and IT support will need to fit into those business goals for the future. We then put together a custom-tailored plan for supporting and maintaining your network.

2. We Become your Helpdesk and Security team

Once the account is in place, you will have full access to WFPPS Service IT’s help desk, maintenance for your network going forward. At this point, we are a virtual extension of your IT department and can also begin providing advice and recommendations for your business’ future.

Ongoing Management & Strategic Guidance

WFPPS Service IT manages your maintenance so you can have the peace of mind to consult with WFPPS Service IT on long term plans, projects, and business goals.


Unified Communication as a Service. We have partnered with the worlds leaders of innovation and technology to provide the best suited option for our clients. 


Software as a Service. Risk management mitigation, Compliance, Fast Recovery in hours not days. Malware detection and encryption are just some of the many options that can be achieved. 


Infrastructure as a Service. Accessing data across multiple platforms and devices. We have may options for Infrastructure, your in-house IT resource will manage the device in house and our partners will handle the Cloud.


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Experience unparalleled efficiency and reliability with WFPPS Service IT's Total Managed Network Solution. We understand the critical importance of a seamless and secure network infrastructure for your business operations.
Elevate your viewing experience with our comprehensive TV and screen mounting solutions! At WFPPS Service IT, we specialize in providing top-notch support, sales, and professional installation services for all your mounting needs.
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